AXEL FOAMER 2000 hand pressure sprayer
AXEL FOAMER 2000 hand pressure sprayer
AXEL FOAMER 2000 hand pressure sprayer
AXEL FOAMER 2000 hand pressure sprayer

AXEL FOAMER 2000 hand pressure sprayer

Total volume 2.40 l Working volume 2.00 l Pressure 0.4 MPa Net weight 0.55 kg
Price with VAT:
24,50 €
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AXEL-Foamer is a device with a capacity of 2 liters, intended for the application of foams.

Characterized by the highest quality workmanship and probably one of the best sprayers of its kind in the world. The ability to change the density of the foam with interchangeable 3 foaming inserts makes this product unmatched in its field of application.


automotive industry (pre-washing of cars, rims, engine chambers)
road construction (cleaning of signs and roadside elements)
gastronomy (cleaning of ovens, butcher's tables, refrigerators)
construction (facade cleaning, construction equipment)
cleaning (washing windows, tiles, garden equipment).

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