15.04.2023 00:00

If you are a small gardener, you have already probably heard of pollination. But there is much more to know about it than just the basics. In our blog, you can read about pollinators and different kinds of pollinations and how we can attract and help pollinators.

27.03.2023 08:43
If you don't want to use artificial fertilizers or pesticides in your garden and still want to feed the soil and improve crop quality, it is best to read in this blog why using organic mulch is so important.
It is that time of the year again when the ground is beginning to warm, the trees bud, and the birds start chirping. And that also means it is a perfect time we start preparing our gardens for this year’s upcoming harvest. But before we even begin putting plants and bulbs in the soil, we need to make sure, the grounds are well prepared. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a successful growing season.
Bird house
02.02.2023 10:00
Winter is a time when the soil rests and prepares for a new harvest, and also the time when animals that live around gardens lose their food source. This includes birds. We dress in our warmest winter clothes before heading out of the house, but how do the birds survive in these sometimes unbearable icy temperatures?
Our eco farms
14.12.2022 10:00
Our company offers you a variety of different garden hand tools, which can be used by anyone. To ensure the quality, suitability, and durability of our tools, we test each one of them on our eco farms in Semič, Slovenia. The property is comprised of several ecologically cultivated lands and all the goods we produce have an eco-certificate.
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