Garden trolley with mesh fence and tarpaulin 450
    Weight 19.20 kg Basket dimensions: 51 x 96cm Basket volume: 250l Load: up to 250 kg
    Old price with VAT:
    129,00 €
    Discount price with VAT:
    90,30 €
    Garden trolley with switch 350
    Weight 13.2 kg Dimensions of the plastic container: 87 x 47cm Container volume: 80 liters
    Old price with VAT:
    99,00 €
    Discount price with VAT:
    69,30 €
    The set consists of the following tools: Forks 30 cm Cultivator with fixed blade 12 cm Oscillating hoe-shear 12 cm Blade 13 cm
    Old price with VAT:
    136,80 €
    Discount price with VAT:
    120,00 €
    Shear-swinging hoe 20
    Shear with a maximum working width of 20 cm. The product does not contain a wooden holder
    Old price with VAT:
    23,20 €
    Discount price with VAT:
    20,88 €


      Innovative forks for aeration and tillage 50
      Working width: 50 cm Weight without wooden holder: 9.5 kg The set does not include a wooden holder. Suitable wooden holder: 2 pieces 130 x 4 cm (shovel holder)
      Price with VAT:
      89,80 €
      Innovative forks for aeration and tillage 30
      Working width: 30 cm Weight without holder: 4.1 kg The set does not contain a wooden holder. Suitable size of wooden holder: 130 x 4 cm
      Price with VAT:
      58,00 €
      Eco mini fireplace - do it yourself
      Dimensions: 9x8.2x1.6 cm Weight: 50 g Burning time: minimum 5 minutes
      Price with VAT:
      0,59 €
      Picker for hazelnuts and walnuts
      Basket-Cylinder: 23 x 17 cm, 60 pieces of hardened steel wire 1.2 mm thick - stainless steel Total weight: 0.7 kg
      Price with VAT:
      39,40 €
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